Thursday, August 12, 2010

He Sees

I ordered a book that I just received and found a quote that is so applicable for the day that many of us live. These paragraphs just grabbed at my heart, and, I thought I would share them with you...

"He sees the worlds made and unmade, the constellations that swim into being, crash, and go out into darkness. The hills that for us are everlasting hills have scarcely the endurance of sand castles of children on the strand. The nations are a drop in the bucket, and He takes up the isles as a very little thing. He sees the passing of empires and governments that in their prolonged oppressions make the world more weary.

He sees them pass as quickly as a dust cloud on a hot summer day. Quicker than we can think back across the past did that past slip before His eyes. He sees the thoughts of men crystalize into forms and institutions, families, tribes, nations, monarchies, republics, with wars and rumors of war accompanying these humanly portentous changes. He sees the proud cities of Nineveh, Babylon, and the like rise from the plain and sink back again, silted up with the oblivious sands. He has used Babylon as a cup, Assyria as a scourge, and Egypt as a rod. The nations that obey Him and the nations that disobey Him are compelled to serve His sovereign purposes, and Pharaohs are simply pawns in His hands, and He binds princes at His pleasure. And the purposes are His alone, and cannot be shared.

Do not forget, He watches over His own creation, He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He allows our lukewarm state, our stammering praise, and our imperfect prayers. He loves our littleness, but it is with the love of compassion. There are no leveled eyes into which He can look. The very One who was despised and rejected of men; the unmoved Mover, holds history in His hands. So run to Him in this day, bring all your needs before Him, and rest in the fact that no matter who rules the day...there is Someone who still sees it all, and promises to lead His own in triumph (*one day very soon!)"

A.E. Whiteman-
The Discipline & Culture of the Spiritual Life

Written in 1938

*added by Brady

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Cindy said...

It comforts me to know that whatever is happening in this world, whether good or bad, it is seen and controlled by God for His glory.