Monday, January 17, 2011

Broken But Not Shattered

Growth is a process-one that includes setbacks, failures, hard lessons, and yes, brokenness. Life is crazy, and God does have a purpose in pain. All the more reason that I hate it!

If I asked you, "Do you really want God's best for your life?" I feel confident you would say "yes!"

If I asked you, "Do you want to become who God designed you to become?" I am sure you would say "yes!"

If I asked you, "Are you willing for God to do anything necessary to bring you to total surrender so that He is free to accomplish all that He wants to do for you and all He wants to make out of you?" Don't know bout you...I am slow to answer that one.

It is one thing to say "yes!" to the thoughts of the cross. It's another thing to go hang on one.

My life, so much less than others, has been a series of success one minute, brokenness the next. Over and over it seems the process never ends. Whatever it is that we may experience and however brokenness comes, I have to remember that God has a good end for all of this. After years of the success/brokenness cycle, a bit of refreshment comes when I am reminded that my brokenness is not the end, but rather, a passage. A passage of revealing what does not belong, then lovingly removing it. God sifts me through my tears, confusion and moments when I feel I am at the end of my pitiful rope.

God would never sift someone who does not have something to be sifted...

Brokenness is that condition whereby my will is brought into full submission to His will so that when He speaks, I will put up no argument, make no rationalization, offer no excuses, and register no blame. The end result is one of blessing. That sounds good. In fact, I hear all the good Christians singing it in their latest worship songs..."Lord break me". "Lord I will follow". "I am wholly yours because you are so very, extremely, wonderfully, amazingly, HOLY!" I hear preachers talk about brokenness, and yet where is the brokenness??

All theology, and all for the Sunday show. I know. I used to be the best at that type of showmanship. Until God started His process, it is not that He broke me, but rather, He started breaking me. At that point I began to see people in front of me from the platform, not a crowd.

And that brokenness does not end with the worship set or the sermon. This is for life.

We must make God sick sometimes. Oh yes, He even told one of our sister churches that very thing! (Hint:Last book of your Bible) It must apply all across the board in the family tree. Fake brokenness abounds under the ceilings of nice lit worship houses. It is scary to think that this American generation of God-followers, so many times, have never tasted the freshness of revival and the power that comes after a period of incredible brokenness.

The more I submit during those times of breaking, the more God does in me. I am freed from guilt. I am freed from the responsibility of having to "go it alone" in my sin. God is there to strengthen me. I am freed from confusion, and that continual wondering if I am right or wrong. My heart may feel shattered, sometimes for years at a time, but I must admit that blessings exceed brokenness. Strutting leaves my life's vocabulary, humility rises to the top, and grace abounds where pride once did. (Gal. 1:15-2:1)

It stinks to think about, but I will never outgrow my need to be freshly broken in one way or another. He only asked that I trust Him, so that I can give Him greater glory.

Break on, oh King!

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Cindy said...

The renewal and gained understanding is worth the pain of being sifted. The result is me being one step closer to being more Christ-like.