Friday, February 04, 2011

Chaotic Moments

I just listened to a lecture by Margaret Wheatley dealing with the idea of chaos in our lives. It was amazing in that I have always believed that anytime someone's life is plunged into a chaotic time, there is only one system of response; despair, hopelessness, and agony. Anytime chaos enters a region, whether through a hurricane, cancer, car wrecks, fires, or any other blunt moment, the tendency is to realize that the worst has come and life is over. In fact, I notice that many people cave into despair over very much less chaotic times.

But Wheatley says something amazing. She says that chaos in life can actually be a time of great creativity. Imagine that after hurricane Katrina came through and wiped whole communities out; the slate was made now made clean for fresh creativity. Not to minimize the tragedy, but the human spirit moves on and something beautiful can be created out of that chaotic scene. World history has proven this time and time again. This is how God answers the problem of evil and tragedy.

I am coming to realize a bit more these days that it is not about what happens to me in life that is the issue, but it's always about how I react to what happens to me that will determine if I make it through to greater heights. The truth of the matter is that so many of us don't even need some massive tragedy to happen in life in order to feel helpless or hopeless. As Wheatley says, we must ask the question, "how do I imprison myself?" I do enough to imprison myself by allowing the chaos on the outside to come inside.

Jesus could only speak peace to the storm because He had peace within.
Ships only sink when that which is on the outside is allowed to come inside.

Tapping into the power of the peace that passes all of my understanding is the key. God is giving me a way out of my self-imposed inner asylum and I can have peace on the inside. And if I gain fresh peace on the inside, then I will be able to contribute to a culture that is mad with chaotic reactions. In times like these, who I choose to become will determine whether or not my life makes a mark or not...and chaotic times are the right moments for fresh creativity to flourish.


Anonymous said...

Perseverance really is the key to life

Brady Weldon said...

Yes Yes!! I just ordered Dr. Wheatley's book called "Perseverance". Looking forward to it!